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CHERKOVETS Vladimir Yevgenjevich
Director of the Institute,
Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics, Professor,
Russian Federation Government Prize Laureate.
Phone 7-(495)-334-53-08.

Born in 1945.
In 1968 graduated with honors from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI), majoring in experimental nuclear physics.
In 1971 he received post-graduate education at MEPhI (Obninsk, Moscow region), majoring in theoretical and mathematical physics.
In 1972 V.E.Cherkovets defended the thesis at MEPhI and took a Ph.D. degree.
In 1993 he took a Degree of Doctor of Science.
In 1996 he received an academic rank of Professor at the Department of Plasma Physics in MEPhI.
In 1971 - 1979 V.E.Cherkovets worked at the Physics and Power Institute (Obninsk).
In 1979 -1986 he was a Scientific Secretary at the Branch of I.V.Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Head of laboratory.
Since 1986 V.E.Cherkovets he has worked as Deputy director responsible for the Institute's research programs, First Deputy Director.
In 2004 he became Director of SRC RF TRINITI.
At present V.E Cherkovets is also Professor at the Plasma Physics Department at MEPhI.
The range of his scientific interests spans the following areas: physics of direct energy conversion, low-temperature plasma, gas discharge, and physics of near-electrode phenomena.
He is the author of the monograph "Physics of Thermal Emission", and also of over 70 scientific publications and inventions.
V.E.Cherkovets is Winner of the USSR and RF Prizes, the Gold Medal of the World Innovation, Research and Technology Exhibition (Brussels, 2000) and the RF Government Prize in the area of science and engineering (2002) received for the design and construction of a mobile laser technological facility of high power.